Let's make good writing great.

Polished writing clues readers in to your professionalism and attention to detail.

A copy editor and proofreader can review your text with a trained eye to catch the details others miss. Take a look at my basic services below and contact me for samples and custom quotes.
The last pass before publication. I will clean up mechanical errors overlooked throughout the writing process. A proofread addresses issues with:
  formatting (header consistency, page numbers, links, etc.)
  on-page layout (placement of visual assets like charts, tables, and images)
While I always strive to catch other errors that may have slipped through, proofreading does not focus on elements such as word choice or sentence flow.
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Copy Editing.
When copy editing, I go further than mechanical errors to polish the text on a sentence and paragraph level. Flow, sentence structure, and word usage are refined while maintaining the author's voice and message. I will address:
  formatting consistency
  flow (wordiness and clunky phrasing)
  tone and style consistency
  problematic or misused words
  fact-checking for internal consistency within the writing
Types of Content.
I can proofread or copy edit website text and metadata to improve search engine optimization (SEO).
Articles & Blogs
Articles and blogs are great ways to attract site visitors and help potential customers. I have plenty of experience working with engaging online content that's clear and polished.
Business and Marketing Material
I can edit a broad array of business and marketing content including:
  social media
  product descriptions
  internal communication
  grant applications
  and more
Whether you're writing the next great cookbook, a life-changing how-to guide, or a cover letter for your dream job, error-free writing is essential to show your mastery of the topic. Nonfiction content includes:
  academic essays & creative nonfiction essays
  self-help books
  memoirs, biographies, histories
  resumes & cover letters
Make your writing stand out to publishers and readers by keeping them immersed from line to line. Publishers love writing that is already edited because it saves them time and money. Readers love it because it makes your product worth the investment.
I edit:
  books & eBooks
  novellas & short stories
  game content
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