The Craft of Editing
Jane Friedman | The site also offers webinars and its own fantastic list of resources.
Edit Republic | Find both free and paid resources for learning about editing.
Inkbot Editing | Molly McCowan offers a great blog for anyone interested in freelance editing.
Lisa Cooper Ellison | A thoughtful writing coach and editor who also offers classes and webinars.
ACES: The Society for Editing | Learn and connect with a society for all things editing.
Editorial Freelancers Association | Find editors, news, information, and classes.
Northwest Editor’s Guild | Find or join editors from the Northwest and beyond.

Style, Grammar, and Writing Resources
The Purdue Online Writing Lab | An immensely helpful resource for writing. It includes major style guides like Chicago, MLA, APA, and more.
The Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS) | The time-honored style guide for American English publishing.
Zotero | A helpful citation assistant
The Copyeditor's Handbook (4th Edition) by Amy Einsohn and Marilyn Schwartz | A great resource for honing your editing skills.

Tools of the Trade
Editing in Microsoft Word 2016 videos by Kirt Kershaw

Scrivener | A robust writing application with features for organizing notes, research, chapters, scenes, and drafts. | Another great resource for organizing ideas, especially for fiction and role-playing games.
Inkle | Have you ever wanted to write an interactive story for a game,  a "choose your own adventure" novel, or a LitRPG? Check out this tool.

Where to Start
Writing, Submitting, Connecting
Poets & Writers | Find contests, places to publish, writing groups, and more.
How to Write a Novel | Reedsy's guide to wrapping your head around writing a novel.
Story Structure | An overview of how to structure a novel with examples of various plot shapes.
Freytag's Pyramid |Overview of a classic dramatic plot structure with info on modern plot arcs.
Writing for Theatre and Film | A helpful introduction to script writing for theatre and film. (Thanks, Anna.)
Nashville Film Institute: Writing A Play Script | An in-depth overview of stage play writing.
Nashville Film Institute: Writing a Screenplay | An in-depth overview of screenplay writing.
How to Read Poetry from NPR and The Good Trade | Understanding how to read poetry can help you understand how to write it.
How to Write a Poem | Want to write a poem but don't know where to start? Try here.
Poetry Foundation | Here you'll find poems organized by poet, genre, subject, and more. There's also information on poetic forms and an extensive glossary.
List of Poetic Forms | Here's a long (and incomplete) list of poetic forms to experiment with.

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